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I am open to receiving guest posts at   I have no problem with you promoting yourself, your views and beliefs, or a book you have written. As a Libertarian, I accept posts in a manner the blogger wishes to present and discuss a topic.  However,  I prefer topics related to the following Balanceology content themes of:  nature, human nature, human needs, sex/sexuality, love, morality, emotions, consciousness, spirituality, religion, worldview, and/or philosophy.  Posts that are threatening to a person, place, or thing will not be published.

The process of submitting a post:

Email your post to with microsoft word attachments related to:

  1.  Title of Post  and the Post itself (600 to 1,400 words).
  2.  Bio information that may include your photo.

Feel free to add the following information:

The name of your website or blog, a link to your site, links to other sites you deem  appropriate, and any other information you think relevant.


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