Balanceology: The 4M’s

Balanceology’s centric idea is balance  —>  a balance-centered life of living-in-balance is fundamental. The centric axiom and Big Idea for this theoretical proposition is Balance is Everything!  The centric idea and Big Idea are embedded and detailed in Balanceology’s four pivotal pillars:

             Motivation  —->  Meaning  —->   Measurement  —->  Mitigation 

Balanceology the Book Cover

1.)  Motivation (M-1)  –> humans have natural instinctual needs we are driven to satisfy.

2.)  Meaning (M-1) –> humans have a profound need to find meaning and purpose in life.

3.)  Measurement (M-3) —> evaluates symptoms and need attainment, thus ascertaining the level of balance and health in a person’s life.

4.)  Mitigation (M-4)  —>  therapeutic process aimed at satisfying needs and lowering symptoms in order to advance balance and enhance health.