Limbic Brain Indoctrination

Limbic Brain indoctrination mostly trumps Neocortex Brain rationality. Indoctrination is about taking docile children (or adults who refuse to think for themselves) and molds them into a belief system. It systematically ensnares and incrementally entraps a child’s mind into believing whatever is put into it. If the seeds of religious indoctrination are planted early enough, all will succumb to unnatural dogmatic proclamations. Religious stamping-in concerns dogmatic demands and unthinking beliefs. Dogmatism’s goal is having collective thinking. Childhood dogmatic indoctrination has dire implications. Absolute dogma is decerebralization of common sense, reasoning, and intelligence. Religious imprintation are clerisy rules of faith-based submission. Dogmatic imprintation is an evisceration and deceptive attack on the selfhood (spirithood and personhood) of a person.

limbic brain indoctrination