My God

My God invariably becomes a collective Our God. Infallible dogma is us being right, and you being wrong. Or, us being saved and you being damned. Harris proposed, “the central tenant of every religious tradition is that all others are mere repositories of error or, at least, dangerously incomplete. Intolerance is thus intrinsic to every creed.” (2004) My God and Our God makes our religion having an exclusive knowledge of God, and that makes us superior. Dogmatic religions have views of reality documented in their dogma. Dogmatic religions support a theology of separation. Separation theology divides the superior from the inferior. For Eldredge, “cultural ideas seem deeply embedded in human life that other people are inferior.” (2004) Wilson said, “religious exclusion and bigotry arise from tribalism, and the belief in the innate superiority and special status of the in-group.” (1998) The belief that others are inferior is especially pronounced for religion —> our faith makes us special with our God.  A God that has led to holocaustic behaviors of annihilation, purification, and genocide to those who have the audacity to dare-to-differ from our truths and Truth.

my god