Proscription includes an infallibility concerned with banning, restraining, and restricting. Proscriptive dogmas frequently concern denouncing, condemning, prohibiting, ostracizing, and forbidding. Religious dogmas are often about marginalizing those who are different and rejecting societies disenfranchised. Proscription is performing a belligerency of extirpation against those considered heretical and/or diatribing against those who disagree. Proscriptive religions perform holy wars, crusades, jihads, and inquisitions. Proscription is a destruction of, an evisceration of, an extermination of those who dare-to-differ from a religions inextinguishable and infallible view of reality. Proscriptive dogmas are often about restricting, an infraction, and a denaturalizing of Nature’s revelations and gifts.