Nature’s Patterns

To study Nature’s patterns-and-order of cyclicity, unity, symmetry, connections, energy, etc. can lead to a meaningful and balanced life. Allowing oneself to have an openness to experience Nature’s great elixir (life) gives us those energetic transmutative properties to self-evolve. To be one with Nature, and to follow Nature, can fill us with energy, help to satisfy the needs of being a human, and at the same time help bring harmony and balance to life. Gregg Braden declared, “it’s all about being in harmony and balance with the patterns of nature.” (20th Cent)  A search for our natural Self is a search for truth(s). I state that without Nature, I am nothing. I encourage the readers to expeditiously be a tenacious intrepid explorer by actively embracing, investigating, and experiencing the natural world, the world of human nature, and your own world. It was a journey I got a late start on, but I have come to realize the truth and the wisdom in the old adage of it is “better late than never.”

natures patterns