Nature Inspires

Nature inspires, Nature is endlessly incredible, and Nature forces us to make decisions! Only humans have the ability to be self-aware and self-reflect on our condition in life, and make choices in our life. Do we make the necessary decisions within the confines of Nature that allow us to satisfy our human needs? Do we cover-up Nature, human nature, and our own nature?  Or, do we discover Nature in all its forms?  Do we realize that no one can escape Nature, and thus we let Nature be our guide by accepting, trusting, respecting, and cooperating with it. If we truly allow ourselves to experience Nature (life) and harness the forces of Nature, it will take us where we need to go. Turn to Nature —–> it is our greatest teacher. When we turn to Nature we will find that Nature nourishes us, protects us, and provides for our needs.

nature inspires