We humans have inherited a certain culture depending on the family and society we are born into. We inherit culturally preset norms through imprintation and socialization. Through preset normalization patterns we can develop a distorted view of Nature –> an unnatural view. I maintain a distorted view of Nature is a contravention view of Nature that amounts to a denaturing movement away from Nature –> an unnatural disconnection against the laws of the natural world. Certain cultural norms can lead us to acquire some very unnatural ways in our attempts to satisfy our natural instincts and drives. Unnatural behaviors are often a compliance with cultural norms and societal expectations instead of cooperating with our innate natural inclinations. Unnatural behaviors are a violation and a movement away from Nature instead of cooperating with Nature. The many unnatural behaviors we can develop are misguided attempts to fulfill our many wants instead of satisfying inherent needs.¬† In the Theory of Balanceology, I present a detailed discussion related to Needology (natural needs) vs. Wantology (acquired wants).