I postulate that a cooperative view of Nature is really a “harmony view” of Nature (Peter, 2002), instead of an opposition or conquest view. A cooperative view of Nature is having a receptivity with Nature that helps lead to a balance-centered living-in-balance life. I assert that cooperating with Nature is being in Nature’s Cathedral —-> physically being outside. Humans have built huge physical cold brick-and-mortar cathedral structures in their hierophanic need for proof of a diety. I entertain that a much healthier way is to experience the wonders of natural world by being-out-in Nature. Howard Clinebell’s book and theory of Ecotherapy (1996), discusses the beneficial healing effects that come from being-out-in Nature. Research has verified that just being in the natural world has psychological, emotional, and physical health advantages. Studies indicate that interacting with Nature has effects similar to meditation (calmness and relaxation) that can help alleviate and/or produce —-> headache relief, lowering of blood pressure, managing of stress, and having sleep benefits. I rejoice being-out-in Nature, and the tonic analeptic pick-me-up it gives me.