Cooperate with Nature

It has been crucial for me to study and experience my Cosmic, biological, and cultural inheritance. It has been important to study and experience Nature, human nature, and the human condition. I try to study and experience my own nature, my own developmental history, and how human nature is expressed in me;  i.  e.  Who am I?,  What am I?, and What is my place in the Cosmos?  We can’t escape Nature! We can only oppose Nature, and that opposition will have serious costs. Mother Nature is of physics (atoms), chemistry (molecules), and biology (cells) and She generally does what She wants to do. For Fritjof Capra, “cooperate with nature rather than fight it.” (1988) I now realize that having an acquiescence and affirmation of the natural world instead of fighting it, is makes it easier for us to navigate life. A significant component of this natural world confirmation for me has been to try and understand how my instinctual needs are expressed in us. I have discovered the importance of experiencing my inborn needs and to work with Nature in order to satisfy them. To cooperate with Nature, will allow us to learn from Nature.

cooperate with nature