Respect for Life

Nature’s magnificent genius created life with its panorama of endless colors, sounds, shapes, sizes, appearances, and smells. At birth, Nature allows each of us to step on board this majestic journey of organic life. For Albert Schweitzer, the more we respect Nature the more we have a gratuitous appreciation for the life we have been given. It is good to understand the ephemeral nature of life, and to make the most of our life in the time we have. Respect for life is recognition, affirmation, and a demonstration of the dignity of each life. Respect for life is a sanctification of life. Each life is unique, and by that fact alone each life is irreplaceable. For Taoist Feng Lao Tsu, a love of Nature leads to: 1.) respect for life, and 2.) a proclamation of life. (6th Cent BC)  Schwartz and Simon felt to respect life means, “we celebrated the existence of living souls (spirits) in a living and evolving universe.” (2002)

respect life