Respect Nature

Acceptance of Nature can help us trust Nature. To accept-trust Nature can lead to a respect for Nature. That is, a respect for our cosmological and biological foundational origins and inheritance. We are part of Nature! Cicero said, “all things that are according to nature are worthy of esteem.” (1st Cent BC). We can come to respect our own species as well as other species, and all the flora and fauna of our world.  Confucious felt,  “without feelings of respect, what  is  there to distinguish men from the beasts.” (5th  Cent.  BC)  We  must come to respect the very ecological  system that we are part of.  One significant aspect of this respect,  is to respect the  immense power of Nature.  The great power for growth and development, but also the  tremendous  power in  the natural destructive  forces  coming from floods and  hurricanes. There are  those definitive times when I am frightened by the fury and  cataclysmic natural forces  emanating from Nature’s earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis. There are those definitive times when I am beguiled by the power coming from Nature that has the ability to produce 1,000,000,000 volts from a single bolt of lightning.

bolts of lightening