Nature awaits our discovery

I attest that it is part of our emotional and psychological make-up to inquire for day-to-day natural truths and to gain some insight for a nature-based higher meaning and purpose. If we accept, trust, and adhere to the universal laws of Nature, we will be on a path leading us towards ever finer approximations of higher meaning and purpose. I insist that only truth related to nature’s physics, chemistry, and biology can help overcome any early negative indoctrination against Nature and human nature. Nature awaits our discovery! Nature’s laws express themselves in our species and in each one of us. I now know that by trusting Nature, I have less of a reliance on cultural controls and directives. Trusting Nature can open the door for us to have accessibility to inner personal and transpersonal guidance that can be a prodigious aid in helping us satisfy our basal (safety/security, worth, empowerment, and enjoyment), deeper (sexuality, love, morality, emotion, and consciousness}, and higher needs (meaning and purpose).

nature nights