Trust Nature

Trust vs. mistrust – A fundamental basal need for us is for security/safety with a significant part of this need related to trust. When it comes to Nature, I discovered that an essential ingredient in trusting Nature is our accepting the many facets of Nature. During the developmental ages of 0-7 (time of stamping-in) a huge part of parental and societal upbringing should be centered on providing an accepting and trusting living environment for their children. Nottingham wrote that, “the experts tell us that the cornerstone of healthy development is a natural trust.” (1993) Unfortunately, much of the age 0-7 enculturation process is about demonizing certain universal and human natural instincts. Early denunciation of human nature often leads to a mistrust and distrust of all of Nature. In order to combat early conditioning, I suggest that individuals make a personal search to discover and experience the many truths in Nature.

trust nature