Land of the Worms

I am enchanted at the artistic brilliance on display in Nature’s celestial and terrestrial realms. I am wonder-struck and view with reverence the wonders of these natural domains that are embellished with extravagant adornments. I am in a reverential mood when I am in touch with the nature-of-Nature. In Nature I can view the grandeur and the spaciousness of the celestial realm, and appreciate the dirt, air, water and fire of the terrestrial  realm. My garden, my land of the worms, allows me to experience first-hand Nature’s cleverness. My garden exquisitely displays a natural pattern when I plant, sew, and reap its bounty. Life springs forth from Nature’s creative processes of germination and photosynthesis. To plant an inanimate seed and to observe how the Earth’s dirt, water, air, and energy from the Sun becomes living vegetation emotionally and spiritually captures and inspires me. I try to experience Nature’s rhythmic patterns, order, symmetry, balance, the life giving energy from the Sun, the phases of the Moon, the untold varieties of flora and fauna. I try to experience aspects of human nature <–> the many sides of the human condition. I have paid special attention to my own place in Nature, my inheritance of human nature, and my unique nature in my ongoing attempts to answer the questions, “Who am I?,” “What am I?,” and “Where is my place in the Cosmos?” I am now wise enough to know that Nature is the key to help find and experience truth. Nature allows me to become a disruptive truth-seeker, risk-taker, and to reclaim aspects of my natural self that have been buried. I postulate and proclaim that in Nature we can find a cure for just about everything! Healing is in Nature <—> the Earth is healing! Without my journey into Nature, human nature, and my own nature the Theory of Balanceology could not have been written.