Nature’s Intelligence

Yes, Nature’s Cathedral sensorially and sensuously excites and gives me great pleasure. Yet, Nature also has the power to greatly stimulate and poetically awaken me emotionally, cognitively, and intuitively. Nature allows me to go to places in my heart where my head alone could never enter. A closeness to Nature helps me intuitively experience and have some contact with the mysterious powerful secrets of Nature. I marvel emotionally, cognitively, and intuitively at Nature’s plentiful riches, its huge variety of flora and fauna, its picturesque wilderness, gigantic mountains, blue skies, overflowing waterfalls, winding rivers, flat endless plains, thick forests, and sky flying flocks of birds. I am spiritually captivated and enchanted by the visceral beauty, innocence, happiness and joy that flows within me from Nature. I am beckoned by Nature <–> Nature refreshes my spirit. Nature helps me emotionally, cognitively, and intuitively answer the questions, “Who am I?,” and “What am I?,” Nature has been instrumental in helping me discover and develop my worldview, to find my place in the world, and explore a road of inner peace.

Nature's Intelligence