Eagle Creek Park

One of the enjoyable things I have been doing for several years is to weekly go hiking at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis. To go up and down the rolling hills, circle the lake, frolic in the grass, be in the shadowy woods are stimulating natural experiences. There is a sensorial invigoration of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and eating in Nature’s Cathedral. I try to capture the sights of Nature’s panoramic colors, shapes, sizes, and appearances. The bluest blue of a freshly minted Spring sky overwhelms me. I try to clearly grasp Nature’s bubbling, ringing, gurgling, whispering, and rumbling sounds. I enjoy hearing the pleasant-sounding rustling noise of wind-blown leaves. I am absorbed when Nature gives off her arresting haunting sound of silence. I am in a joyful mood when the aromatic fragrance of earthy smells overtakes my senses. I am in a playful mood as I touch the Earth’s silky, sandy, gritty, and brownish dirt floor. I am relaxed and rested when I lay on Nature’s velvety soft greenish grass carpet. I am awestruck with the scenic colorful beauty of a September’s charming yellowish-orange harvest Moon. I am relaxed and calmed when I look up at the tapestry of the gradual rolling of wind-blown clouds on a picture-perfect day. I am delighted when a cooling rain splashes on my face on a steamy hot Summer’s day. A first freshly fallen late Fall rainfall refreshes and enlivens my spirit. The pristine whiteness from the flakes of a first fallen snowfall of a Winter’s Day revitalizes my heart. All of my senses come alive and reverberate with pleasure as I hear the crackling sound of a campfire roasting marshmallows, smell the billowing spiraling smoke from the fire, see the white spongy ball of goodness turn to charcoal black, touch the hot flaky sticky ball as I pull it from its hot cooking stick, and with salivary anticipation taste the burnt gooey sweetness delight as I put it in my awaiting mouth.

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