Natural World

The Big Bang of 13,700,000,000 years ago inaugurated in a blockbuster natural world of majestic awe, untold marvels, generous gifts, and abundant bounty. I maintain there exists a preponderance of evidence that we are natural beings who are the progeny of the Big Bang’s cosmological origins and inherited underpinnings; the Big Birth’s biological origins and inherited foundations; and the Big Brain that gives us the ability to be self-aware, to self-reflect, and to make self-driven moral choices. I now realize that human beings are an integral part of Nature’s interconnected and interwoven fabric, and thus we can be studied mathematically and scientifically. In my paradigm, the Theory of Balanceology,  I give great credence to our indissolvable bonds with the natural world. The natural world has a special empirical place in my heart, and I am proud to proclaim that I am a Naturalist. I advocate for a secular consecration of Nature by being dedicated to advancing ourselves as  human beings. I have discovered that I am a better person when I maintain a harmonious balance with Nature. I am a healthier person when I immerse myself in, experience, and celebrate the wonders of the natural and human worlds. When I am close to Nature, I have a beautiful inner sense of peace, and an exulted and sense of joy and delight.

natural world