EEG Activity

EEG activity  gives visual feedback levels that indicates when we are alert and active (beta),  receptive to hypnagogic images (alpha), receptive to intuitive feedback (theta), or in deep sleep activity (delta). With the gamma level of brainwave activity we are at an advanced state of brain interconnection, coordination, and functioning. Beta is a high form of awareness and comprehension, but gamma is an even higher form of awareness and comprehension with a purer focus. Gamma purer focused actively is about being  efficient and allows for some extraordinary happenings to take place. The efficiency of gamma wave activity results in an increase in the amplitude of electric oscillations, but paradoxically because of the efficiency less energy is being used. Purer focused gamma can link or bond different areas of our brain. Purer focused gamma waves become fast-spiking (FS) interneurons that link and bond sensory neurons with motor neurons. Gamma wave linking and bonding helps with: 1.) Limbic-Neocortex connections, and 2.) unconscious and conscious connections. Thus, gamma activity is attuned to brain activity that takes us into deeper levels of Limbic and Neocortex involvement in sexuality, love, morality, emotions, and consciousness.

eeg activity