Orgone Energy

Wilhelm Reich, MD was an Austrian-American psychiatrist who focused on the biological energy that exists in the human body. Reich indicated that within our biological activity there exists an extraordinary amount of energy. He focused on bio-energetics! Reich was well ahead of his time and on the fringes of psychiatry of his day.  He discovered “orgone energy.” Reich maintained that orgone energy comes from the original primordial Cosmic energy and he tied it into sexual energy. Reich talked in terms of orgone energy having orgiastic potency and he built an orgone energy accumulator machine. Reichian bio-energetics emphasized deep energetic capabilities in an orgasm. It is unfortunate that Reich concentrated so much of his theory on its sexual component. This sexual talk frightened the repressive Victorian Society of his day. In many ways he is in a long line of heretical theorists bearing messages that are well ahead of their time.

wilhelm reich