Brain’s Balancing Act

Our Brains’s Balancing Act – Individually and collectively we must learn ways to integrate a balance between the emotive (heart) and cognitive (head). Daniel Goleman said the “hub of the battle” (1995) between our feelings and thoughts is to find better ways to integrate the Limbic and Neocortex. Emotions are needed input for thought, but thought is important to understand and label emotions. “We must strike a balance between thought and emotion.”(Jacobs, 2003) It was Lawrence Shapiro who suggested that, “the cortex allows us to have feelings about our feelings.” (1997) I view emotional intelligence as a balancing process of identifying emotions, understanding emotions, and having an appropriate cognitive response. The balancing act is a transactional process between the emotive (Limbic) and the cognitive (Neocortex) and is one of the major balancing acts in life. A lot of bad and sad things can happen when the heart and the head are in conflict. This balancing act is part of the Act of the Balance, and the Art of the Balance, that I extensively discuss in the Theory of Balanceology. I suggest that each of us is our own balancer, and we have the responsibility of balancing-out the many dualisms that exist in our life.

brain balancing act