I have come to understand bio-energetics as a process where there is an integration of mind-body. This integration includes biology and physics. This integrative process is a psychosomatic process addressing: 1.) vast interconnections with our mind and body, 2.) quantum interconnections as particle-waves flow between mind and body, and  3.) huge interconnections between our new brain and our old brain. Psychosomatic energy gives us life and it makes human energy and mind-body energy. When it comes to health, a healing that focuses only on Newtonian Physics (modern medicine of materialism) will look towards chemicals and drugs to heal. However, a healing that focuses on bio-energetics will focus on mind-body integrative processes  in healing.  Depending on how the mind-body is viewed we can create a tremendous amount of (+) mind-body energy that can enhance us, or a tremendous amount of (-) negative mind-body energy that can deplete our resources. Good (+) energy energizes <—> bad (-) energy de-energizes. I will address mind-body integration, mind-body interconnections, and mind-body energy many times in my theory and treatment model.