Brain Interactivity

Brain Interactivity – Human emotions may begin in the Limbic Brain but at some point there is prefrontal cortex involvement.  There is an interactivity between the Limbic Brain and the Neocortex. I ask, “How is the prefrontal cortex involved in emotions emanating from the Limbic system?” It appears that the prefrontal lobes executive function allows for a meta-emotional interpretation of Limbic system emotions. It interprets  emotions into feelings (often inaccurately). The frontal lobe can inhibit the expression of certain emotions but there will always be some emotive involvement in our thinking. For neuroscientist Antonio Damasio there is a link between emotion and thinking and this link comes in terms of “somatic markers,” or a kind of gut reaction having an emotional component that is useful in making decisions. (1966) Lou Marinoff suggested that, “the experience of an emotion occurs in a higher part of the brain where physiological responses are interpreted and labeled. It is a one way street. Can’t control emotion. Only recognize.”  (1999)

brain interactivity