Human Brain’s Rigidity

The human brain is most rigid and resistant to change where there are embedded childhood belief, values, prejudices and early trauma. However, under the right circumstances the brain can reconfigure itself and go beyond early rigid input. Under the right circumstances our brain can even reconfigure by addressing past trauma, abuse, and pain. No one says this is easy. For any reconfiguration of the brain can be extremely difficult. What this amounts to is: 1.) we allow our brain to maintain early stage emotional conditioning (even atrophy and go further backwards) or, 2.) we decide to grow through new experiences, learning, thinking, skepticism, questioning, and to re-evaluate our life. A person can even bravely revisit early emotional conditioning (some traumatic) allowing those Limbic rooted emotions to resurface and face them (Re-enactment Therapy). Brain plasticity (micro-plasticity) related to trauma is only possible by allowing our brain to confirm and confront past hurtful experiences  —-> walking through the pain and not going around it by putting up the defense mechanism of avoidance.