Cerebralization –  I support the brain research that indicates Neocortical pruning and myelination makes possible higher reasoning and information processing, and thus allows for increased learning, creativity, and decision making. We have the ability to think, and significantly the ability to think about our thinking (meta-cognition). We have the ability to have feelings and thoughts about our emotions (meta-emotions). The Neocortical hardware (energy-matter) through software (consciousness) transforms  words, language, and thinking to generate awareness, comprehension, and the acquisition of useable knowledge (review CACK Model). In my discussion of the CACK Model, I referred to the interaction of consciousness, words, cognition, and language. For Julian Huxley the evolution of consciousness, “went hand-in-hand with the evolution of language – the invention of words as symbols for things, in place of sounds as signs for feelings, and was made possible by the expansion of the association areas in the cerebral cortex of the first ancestral man.”  (1964)