Our Working-Brain

Our brain is an exceptional interpretive engine. It attempts to interpret emotional and thinking patterns and associations presented to it so situations and problems can be solved. The Neocortex is a working-brain that has two crucial functions: 1.) analysis = interprets input by cutting information into smaller chunks to make sense out of the parts, and 2.) synthesis = puts chunks and parts together to make sense out of the whole. The brains patterns and associations are mainly deciphered by parts or wholes. However, what I find most fascinating is the working-brains ability to have analysis and synthesis combine, interact, and complement each other and thus allow our brain to have deeper levels of awareness and comprehension. It appears that our brain is usually more proficient at either analysis or synthesis. I have discovered that my working-brain has synthesis as a more pronounced feature. I must work harder to strengthen my analysis brain function and the interaction between synthesis and analysis.

working brain