Our Neocortex is the energy-matter that truly distinguishes us from all other creatures in the Animal Kingdom. It is the energy-matter of our new brain, cerebral cortex, and our dianoetic brain. The Neocortex is about 30-40,000 years old and continues to ever so slowly evolve. Brain development starts with childhood sensory input:  i. e. to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Limbic Brain emotional development starts in early childhood and continues into puberty. Concrete cognitive development happens in mid-childhood and into puberty. It isn’t until the ages of 16-22 that pre-frontal lobe critical cognitive development enters the brains repertoire. It is true that the beginnings of Neocortex structural development starts around three years of age, but this developmental process doesn’t reach full synaptic maturity until the ages of 21-22. The frontal lobe cortical development is only completed in the early 20’s –—> this helps explain why I was still doing some crazy things in my early 20’s. Both synaptic pruning (elimination of excess synapses), and myelination (electrical insulation of axons) continues into ate adolescence and into the early 20’s. Closing of cranial fissures is also completed in the early 20’s. Pruning and myelination increases our ability to learn new things. After the early 20’s the frontal lobe of the Neocortex allows us, if we choose (a big if), to have the ability to critically think and to think about thinking:   i. e. meta-cognition.