Limbic Brain & Intuition

The concept of  intuition plays a major role in Theory of Balanceology. The Limbic Brain has a remarkable emotional component, but it also has an exceptional intuitive component. Our Limbic (Mammalian) Brain gives us valuable intuitive feedback from both our personal and collective unconscious. Gregg Jacobs maintained that the Limbic system is a “source of wisdom.” (2003) This intuitive resource gives us feedback when we are not satisfying needs and when we are out of balance. It functions as an alert system when basal motivational needs for security/safety, worth, empowerment, enjoyment, and belonging are not being met. It alerts us when we are not meeting our deeper needs related to sex, love, morality, emotions, and consciousness. Intuition will let us know when we are not in compliance with Nature, human nature, and our own nature. I mostly value intuition because of its importance as a counteractive transgenerational force of wisdom that can balance-out and reduce some of the early age 0-7 negative root system imprintation (review previous posts). I view intuition as a source that allows us to listen to, experience, and try to understand the gift of wisdom emerging from intuitive feedback. In future posts, I extensively discuss intuition and how it is possible to be trained to become more intuitively conscious, alert, aware, and acquire useful knowledge (review CACK Model).