Limbic Root System


Limbic Root System – Our Limbic Brain Brain implants what has been indoctrinated or what has had a significant emotional impact on our 0-7 age brain. This imprintation makes for a deep-seated emotional root system. Once this Mammalian stamping-in takes place it is extremely difficult to erase or change. I suggest the limbic root system can be compared to a tree:  1.)  the  branches  of  the tree  are the ways we interact,  for good  or bad,  with  the world.  Our emotions,  thoughts,  and behaviors  are expressed on the branches, 2.) the trunk of the tree is the person, the self, a living being, and 3.) the roots  represent imprintation of early indoctrination that can be positive, negative,  or neutral. There can be the deep-seated  roots where  abuse and  hurt are repressed in the personal unconsciousness.  Our inborn unmet needs are often buried in the personal and the collective unconscious.

tree roots