The thalamus is a major component of the Limbic Brain.  Thalamus the word comes from the Greek meaning room or chamber. The thalamus is a midline symmetrical structure that is mainly an ovid mass of wet gray matter.  It has a kind of switchboard function that  makes it an important brain structure. MRI research gives physical proof of the extensive thalamic (old brain) and neocortical (new brain) interconnections that are so important in wise decision-making. The thalamus relays incoming information like sensory input, spatial input, and motor input to the Neocortex. The thalamus relay function helps regulate sleep, alertness, and some aspects of being conscious of environmental surroundings. I will hypothesize in a later post that one major requirement for future human evolutionary prosocial advancement will depend upon increased, enhanced, and swifter anatomical thalamic-neocortical interconnections —> Next Step in Human Evolution.