Triune Brain: Recapitulation

Recapitulation –  For me, the Triune Brain demonstrates the process of how ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. That is, the evolutionary development of a person (ontogeny) recapitulates (repeats) the evolution of the species (ontogeny). I theorize the process of brain anatomical development, transition, and transformation from simple reactive functioning to complex conscious awareness is a byproduct of millions of years of brain evolution.  Our brain is an emergent brain because it ever so slowly evolutionarily emerges from Reptilian, to Limbic, to Neocortex. I suggest the evolutionary development of our brain can be vaguely compared to the structure of a house with the Reptilian Brain being the basement floor, the Limbic Brain the first floor, and the Neocortex the second floor. In brain biogenesis we evolve from fish brain at the top of the spinal cord, and then onto ever increasingly complex Reptilian, Mammalian, and Neocortex brain structures that are built on the spinal cord. Each of us undergoes this evolutionary recapitulation process of increasing brain cerebralization. Each of our brains re-enacts the evolutionary movement of Reptilian, Mammalian, and Neocortical progression.  For me, our brain a transgenerational brain and the forces that shaped our developmental brain from ages long ago continue to mold our modern brain, our behaviors, our emotions, our thoughts, and the ways we function. I agree with Robert  Wright that,  “the basic emanations of natural selection  are refracted from the older,  the inner parts of our  brain all the way to its freshest  tissue.  Indeed, the freshest tissue would never have appeared if it didn’t toe natural selection’s bottom line.”   (1994)

triune picture