Triune Brain

Triune Brain (trifecta brain) was proposed by Paul MacLean (1990).  The Triune Brain proposal  is a 3-part trichotomy manner of viewing and understanding our brain. There are certain neurological researchers who reject MacLean’s Model. They report that MRI studies indicate the totality of the brain interactions, and because of this unity the brain should not be described in sections. However, I point out that all theories and models have flaws including the trifecta brain.  I do understand and agree with the huge interdependency and interplay that is involved within in our brain. At the same time, I support that the Triune Model’s evolutionary layering and specialization is beneficial in studying and describing our brain. The Triune Brain Model is really an evolutionary adaptation model (I argue a recapitulation model – more to come) based on three stages of brain evolution. I suggest the Triune Brain can be viewed as: 1.) the human brain is divided into 3 layers, or 2.) there actually exists 3 separate brains that interact. However viewed, the three sections do represent an evolutionary biological stratification pattern of brain formation. George Gurdijieff  maintained that humans are 3-brain-beings, in the sense of having body-mind-emotions (1950).  MacLean’s Theory has been criticized for being too simplistic. I argue that simplistic or not, it does offer a plausible manner to study brain evolution, brain structures, brain functions, and how the various brain physiological layers overlap and interact.

triune brain