Encephalization concerns the amount of brain mass as it relates to total body weight. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin often spoke about the evolutionary aspects of the human brain’s increasing size in relationship to our entire body. Human beings have a greater brain weight than other species. The following Encephalization Quotient compares species. I don’t want to confuse encephalization quotient (EQ), with my later presentation in a post of  emotional quotient (EQ).  Encephalization Quotient pertains to brain weight to total body weight. The quotient is E = CSr:  where  E  =  is the weight of a species brain mass, C  =  is the cephalization factor, S  = is the weight of the total body mass, and r  = is the exponential constant: a.)  for primates the constant is 0.28, and b.)  for mammals the constant is 0.56.

encephalization cahrt