Quantum Cerebrology

Quantum Cerebrology – I point out that the human brain, especially the cerebral cortex has traditionally been studied as an electrical and neuro-chemical organ. However, I postulate that our brain is really a quantum, electrical, and chemical organ. I created the concept of quantum cerebrology to advance the study of what influence the atomic world has on the neuronic world.  We are complex electrical and chemical creatures, but we also have a major underlining quantum component to our neuroanatomy. In fact, it is the quantum micro world of atoms that gives the basis for macro neuroelectricity and neuro-chemistry. Gulley and Mulholland remind us that “quantum is for the micro for the atoms. Atoms make up molecules, molecules make up cells, and cells make up the brain” (2004). I propose that neurotransmitters and the electrical are the progeny of quantum wave-particle.

I maintain that quantum entanglement is concerned with how different quantum particles influence one another and then go on and interact and influence the brain’s neurochemical and neuroelectrical components. That is, how do 2, 3, 4, etc. entangled particles interact in the human brain? How does thousands, millions, tens of millions of entangled particles interact in the human brain? How does the physics of the micro influence macro neurological functioning? Amit Goswami said, “the brain-mind is an interactive system both classical and quantum components. These components interact within a basic idealist framework in which consciousness is primary.” (1995) Physics at the classical macro level is the hardware of the brain <–> the software of our brain is part of the quantum micro level of Physics. It is at the micro level that quantum events trigger electrons. “Our brains throbbing with bioelectric activity are the stuff of the physical universe.” (Harrison, 2003) It is this complex entanglement and interaction that makes for one reason why the our brain is so difficult to study and understand. Quantum cerebrology has generated a host of other questions that I would like to have the answers to like:  1.) What is the subatomic influence on the entire brain, the Limbic Brain, and the Neocortex?,  2.) What is quantum influence on human consciousness, awareness, language, thoughts, and emotions?, 3.)  To what extent does quantum mechanics influence brain neuroelectricity (electrical energy)?, and 4.) To what extent does quantum mechanics influence brain neurochemistry (neurotransmitters)?