Modern Human Brain

The hardware (quantity-size) of our modern human brain has been in place for the past 100-200,000 years. The software (quality-cognition) of our brain has been on display since the dawn of thinking homo sapiens:  i. e. the Neocortex over the past 30-40,000 years. The manner in which we use our cognitive capacity (thinking) has significantly increased with the dawn of civilizations and early advanced cultures —> the past 6-8,000 years. This cognitive enhancement created the Scientific Revolution and the astonishing material achievements over the last 400 years. I endorse the Anthropic Principle that says humans are part of the Universe and we are connected with all that is in the Universe, yet our advanced brain makes us unique members of the Animal Kingdom. It sets us apart in our ability to be aware of our environment, and most importantly to be aware of ourselves at both emotive/intuitive and cognitive/rational levels. Our brain is one of the most complex structures in the Cosmos.   For Aldous Huxley, “the miracle of mind is that it can transmit quantity into quality. This property of mind is something given; it just is so.  It cannot be explained; it can only be accepted.” (1964