Human Brain

Yesterday, I started a series of posts related to human consciousness.  Today I start a series of posts related to the human brain, that makes deeper levels of consciousness possible.  The aim of this part of my narrative is to present my understanding of the human brain and how it fits into the Theory of Balanceology. In my attempts to have a better mastery of human nature and of myself I have spent a huge amount of time studying our brain. I am going into detail in my presentation of our brain, and I promise that a better understanding of the human brain will make for a better understanding of ourselves. As long as I can remember I have enthusiastically enjoyed studying brain structures and functioning. Any discussion of topics related to our brain is a fun and fascinating subject for me. Without our brains I would not be writing this narrative, and you would not be reading it.

I state that first and foremost our brain is from Nature, and it is our brain that brings forth our human nature. Our brain has had an extensive history of cosmological and biological evolutionary origins and foundations. It is our most outstanding organ, a complicated structure, and is a long ways from being fully understood. Our amazing brain allows for the mystery of self-awareness. Considering all of Nature’s creatures, only we are fortunate enough to have the ability to have self-awareness. This liberating ability definitely sets us apart from other Earth creatures. I contend that our brain allows us to satisfy human nature’s basal needs of security/safety, worth, empowerment, enjoyment. Our brain allows us to experience life at deeper levels of sexuality, love, morality, emotions, and consciousness. Only the human brain has the capability to search for those mysterious higher and ultimate experiences related to discovering truth. In the many posts to come related to the human brain, and human consciousness I welcome any comments, ideas, questions, etc.