Egoistic Altruism

In a previous post, I discussed the concept of psychological egoism of self-reference and self-involvement. I now say, taken to its extreme, psychological egoism even intrudes into one’s acts of altruism —> psychological egoism includes psychological egoistic altruism. According to psychological egoism, altruism also involves self-motivated interest. Psychological egoistic altruism suggests that even the most apparent unselfish behaviors are done out of self-interest. According to this theory, doing good is for selfish reasons. Egoistic altruism can pertain to those patrionizing salvationists who have a show-and-tell agenda that indicates how honorable they are. Pontificating salvationists have a deep-need to feel good about themselves (they are enablers). Egoistic altruism bumps into the concept of true intentions, because only the individual truly knows what their altruistic intentions are.

I might get myself into trouble here, but I must say what I must say. Here are 3 possible examples of egoistic altruism: 1.) were Mother Teresa’s lifelong altruistic behaviors merely self-motivated behaviors with an end goal  of reaching Heaven?, 2.) is Oprah Winfrey’s girl’s school in South Africa merely self-motivated behavior with an end goal of exhibiting herself as a philanthropist, to feel good about herself, and yet  another attempt to try fill her insatiable need for attention and praise?, and 3.) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  –  In 2018,  Bill Gates  is worth 90 billion dollars. This multi-billionaire lavishly built a  house called  Xanadu  2.0,  that is valued at over  $154,000,000.  It angers me that one family rapes the Earth’s resources to build this obscene monstrosity. I sometimes wonder  if the Gates Foundation is merely egoistic altruistic behavior to show the “sainthood”  of Bill and Melinda Gates.  Or,  could it be to cope with the guilt that comes from spending that much money on one house, for one family, that could build thousands of houses for the homeless. Or, is it mainly set-up for a tax write-off?

egoistic altruism