Psychological Egoism

Psychological egoism is part of human nature.  It is a precept I view as being related to the solipsism of “my reality.” The philosopher Moritz Schlick recommended that it is a good idea to give serious consideration to the concept of psychological egoism. Schlick points out that human nature is one of self-reference and self-involvement. Psychological egoism is the theory that humans are only motivated by self-interest —> what is in it for me?  The only goal in life is in fulfilling my Self-Needs. The worldview of a psychological egotistical person is one of self-indulgence and selfishness. It is a world of self-preoccupation where my actions are about my benefit, my welfare, and my satisfaction. It is a person saying it is, “My way, or no way.” Such a worldview is often materialistically oriented.  According to Frederick Nietzsche, “in   moral  terms,  neighbourly love  and living  for others and other  things  may be the means of protection to maintain the most rigorous egoism.  This is the exception where I, against all my self-imposed rules and conviction, take the part of ‘selfless’ instincts:  here they are engaged in the service of egoism and self-discipline.”  (1988) Psychological egoism is a controversial concept. Is there any truth to it?

psychological egoism