Ethnosolipsism is a concept that I felt required a new word.  I view ethnosolipsism as the group equivalent of solipsism. I consider ethnosolipsism as an ethnocentric way of understanding the world. Ethnosolipsism is about saying that only my culture exists and only my culture is right. Ethnosolipsistic cultures involve  our way of thinking, believing, and behaving as being the only way of thinking, believing, and behaving. Ethnosolipsism is a dualistic concept that leads to borders, boundaries, and divisions between cultures, nations, religions, and races. Extreme ethnosolipsism (and maybe not so extreme in some cases) is a decivilizing of other cultures that leads to a pseudo-speciation of people ——> making them subhumans, subspecies, subcultures, and subclasses.  Niles  Eldredge maintained that, “cultural ideas seem deeply embedded in human life that other people are inferior.” (2004) With the view of pseudo-speciation we are only one step away from group extermination, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. Solipsism and ethnosolipsism are dangerous dehumanizing and demonizing concepts, and they are views of reality that would be wise for us to understand and be on-guard for.