Solipsism Summary

Make no mistake about it, solipsism is a key inherited foundational concept of human nature and the reality of the world we live in. In one way or another, our journey will find its own route to reality, and that makes us  the architect of our own reality —-> no matter how surreal that reality can become.  In the Theory of Balancelogy, I emphasize over and over again that we must reach a point where we can say, “I Am the Architect of My life,” in order to make something out of our life.  Solipsism is a substratum human nature pattern of self-oriented behavior that must be given the attention it duly and rightfully deserves. Only with an early understanding and appreciation of the concept of solipsism can individuals (cultures) start to move from a reality of self-existence to an empathic reality that we exist in this life with others. Solipsism involves insolation. The more a person is isolated, lacks a true baseline reality, and hears only their own voice in their head —> the more that person is vulnerable to sicklier fears, paranoia, loneliness, distrust, and even bodily pain. Sometimes it is a good idea to turn-down the voice in our head. Solipsism is a mind problem, and we need to understand that other people and societal groups have minds too. As I continue to develop, discuss, and present the Theory of Balanceology and the Balancetherapy Treatment Model, I will indicate that the crucial anecdote for solipsism is empathy. It is empathy that has the potential to cross solipsistic and dualistic boundaries.

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