Racial Division

Nature appears not to know the seemingly permanent divisions we humans are capable of creating. We have built an unlimited number of categories that keep us separated. Human beings have created artificially manufactured divisions that have brought immense misery throughout human history. Take the human division of race.  Racism is a major boundary, border, dualistic force, division that keeps people apart. Fernandez-Armesto argues that, “biology has made racism indefensible. Not only are there no inferior races, there are no races. There is practically no racial differences from one another.” (2004) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin proclaimed that, “nothing is precious except that part of you which is in other people, and that part of others which is in you.” (20th Cent) Humans are DNA conspecific creatures sharing a common 99.99% DNA. We maybe protean creatures when it comes to our physical shapes, hair color, forms, height, sexuality, personality make-up, etc., but mathematical models demonstrate our shared similar genome Out of Africa ancestry. I argue that irrespective of what racial status is checked on our birth certificate it is to the human race that we all genetically belong.

Eric Fromm maintained that, “we all are one. The difference in talents, intelligence, knowledge are negligible in comparison with the identity of the human core common to all men.” (1956) Arthur Deichman felt “one should treat the other as oneself because below the surface we are all aspects of one being.” (1983)  There is a common humanity where we are all alike, and it is only some of our unique individual characteristics and personality features that makes us different. We truly are all related, all relatives, yet race continues to be a major dividing force for humans. Is it possible for humans to come to an understanding that “beyond the divisiveness among men that there exists a primordial unitive power since we are all bound together by a common humanity more fundamental than any unity of dogma.” (Fromm, 1976)  However, at this point in human evolution I am disillusioned and disheartened because I see no end to the divisiveness that racism brings. America has had the social disease scab of racism for 400 years (since 1609) and at this time in American history, I see no end in sight.

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