Naturalistic Fallacy (Cont)

When people say human nature is either good (+) or bad (-),  are they committing a naturalistic fallacy? Does saying something is good or bad amount to judging something of Nature?  If so, religions, businesses,  governments, cultures, judicial systems, school systems, hospitals, mental health systems, even insurance companies  make naturalistic fallacies all of the time. I point out that a major component of being human is making assumptions  and being judgmental. We attempt to find and judge the imperfections in others all the time. I certainly make my fair share of naturalistic fallacies. I often make assumptions and judge others by the way I feel they ought to be, instead of their true being. However, if we could be more objective we would say that as humans we all have Cosmic and biologically based origins that have evolved from Nature. If we could be more objective we would know that our nature-based origins and foundations are neither good or bad. If we could allow ourselves to be more open-minded we would say that Nature just is <—-> human nature just is.

Believe me when I say I have no illusion about the grandeur of the human condition. All of our journeys  are on a spectrum having a propensity that is capable of empathetic, altruistic, and compassionate behaviors, or behaviors that are vile, despicable, and loathsome. The only illusion for me concerns when I see only honorable behaviors in myself and reprehensible behaviors in others. I am capable of making hypocritical and falsely moralistic judgments just like everyone else. I often refrain from acknowledging these same dishonorable and nefarious characteristics in myself. I suggest that the inability to accept negative characteristics in oneself is just another aspect of human nature. Not being able to accept negative characteristics in ourselves is actually a defense mechanism that can become an impediment to self-growth. If we are more honest with ourselves, it is a good idea to recognize our inherited darkside, lightside, and scaredside. This recognition can put us in a position to better allow us to control, manage, and elevate our nature as we see fit. I ask, “If we accept the notion of trying to avoid making naturalistic fallacies about another person, is it then a person’s actions and behaviors that can be called good or bad, or in some cases evil?” Actions and behaviors will be extensively discussed as this narrative advances.

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