Human 2-dogs

In recent posts, I have been discussing the concept of the Human 2-sides of bad human and good human.  Now I will discuss the concept of Human  2-dogs.  I really appreciate various American Indian traditions that refer to the two dogs inside a person that compete for supremacy. These traditions point out that humans characteristically have a darker dog inside of us and a lighter dog. And, it is the dog that is feed the most that will come to the surface and predominate the character and behaviors of a person. This 2-dog metaphorical tradition makes sense to me in understanding the different sides of my nature. And, this tradition is really saying it is my choice what dog will surface the most. If my darker anti-social side (bad dog) is not feed by negativity, it can be contained. If my lighter pro-social side (good dog) is feed by positivity, it can evolve.

Over time the side feed the most will reflect a person’s core intentional morality. Over time the side that surfaces will come to dominate a person’s personality and behaviors. We need to be aware of both sides of our nature. There is a perpetual struggle between nigredo (the dark night of the Self), and albedo (the enlightened side of the Self). The side that surfaces has a lot to do with the manner in which we control our darkside and elevate our lightside. This metaphorical 2-dog equation concens  the darkness of the under-world vs. an upper-world of lightness. I suggest that it is a good idea for all of us to definitively recognize our darker features and to significantly attempt to balance them out with our lighter features. I now realize that in order for our lightside to surface we have to expose our darkside dark-secrets and bring them to the light of day. I value Dalai Lama saying,  “basically we are  all the same human beings with the  same potential to be a good human being or a bad  human being . . . . . the important thing is to realize the positive side and try to increase  that;  realize the negative side and try to reduce  that.  That’s the way.”

two dogs fighting