Human 2-sides

Recently I posted about Good Human and Bad Human nature.  Now, I assert that in actuality and in practice not one of us is an epitome of virtue or vice. Trying not to make a naturalistic fallacy (future post), I now point out that realistically human beings are dualistically and bilaterally endowed with two major sides ——> a darkside and a lightside.  I suggest a depiction of humans as having 2-sides is a story as old as mankind. B. F. Skinner (1971) noted that when Shakespeare referred to humans in Hamlet, he included the line, “How like a god!” Yet, physiologist Ivan Pavlov would say of humans, “How like a dog!” I advance the idea that in order to better understand ourselves we need to recognize, take a measurement of, and try to understand these two diametrically alter ego opposing sides. 

Darkside – (Mr. Hyde) is the bad human and naughty me that portrays my worst inclinations and characteristics. It is the side of darkness that contains our darker urges, desires, and wants. It is the home of our baser instincts of dark fantasies, dark temptations, and malefic thoughts that can become nefarious behaviors. It is our invasive and intrusive side. It is the home of the damage we have done and where those secrets reside. Our darkside allows for wrath, brutality, genocide, aggression, racism, intolerance, oppression, and all kinds of abuse. The darkside is our shadow side that can leave dark shadows from devolutionary dark days in our life.  It is our twisted side, behaviorally ugly side, and anti-social side that separates people. This is the side where we are “dancing with the devil,” our beast side, our beguiling side. This is the home of our dark heart where the force of negative (-) blood energy flows.

Lightside(Dr. Jekyll) is the good human and nice me that portrays my best inclinations and characteristics. It is the side of lightness, our lighter urges, and where we are living in the light. The lightside is our shadow side that leaves light shadows of growth and self-evolution. This side is the empathetic and pro-social side of us that develops connections with others. It is our non-invasive and non-intrusive side. This is the side where we are allowing the “better angels in us” to surface. The lightside is capable of a Declaration of Independence that says that “all men are created equal.” The lighter side is our potentially inspiring and behaviorally benevolent side. Our lightside allows us to have immense love, morality, sensitivity, empathy, altruism, sympathy, and humility. This is the side that can satisfy our basal needs, and strive for deeper and higher need fulfillment. This is the home of our light heart where the force of positive (+) blood energy flows.

darkside - lightside