Good Human

Good human – It was Jean-Jacques Rosseau who spoke and wrote of a good-centered human nature. This view  asks us to wait a minute, and says humans are not that bad as protrayed in a Bad Human view. A Good Human view points out our civilizing and humanizing characteristics. Good human brings out our more cooperative side. This view says at our core human beings have natural proclivities towards goodness, niceness, sociability, and virtue. It portrays humans as having a lightside pure heart. Good human is about the best of humanity and has a much more positive view of human nature. It is about humanities joyous, delightful, exalted, and hopeful nature. It entails our optimistic, encouraging, and playful side.

Good human concerns the decency that can be found in humans. This view says humans are capable of cardinal acts of mercy. This picture of humankind indicates that we do reciprocate, we can be kind, and we can be nice. Good human is about humanities sublimeness, majestic attributes, affability, nobility, and doing good deeds. It concerns our simpatico side that is amiable and brotherly. It is a view of humanities capacity to be empathetic, sympathetic, compassionate, benevolent, loving, and caring. Good human is indicative of our friendly, innocuous, and inoffensive behaviors.

The good human view points out that it is true humans have a selfish gene, but we also have a social gene. And, from our biological social gene human beings can be cooperative and altruistic. This view argues that our inherent biology is productive and that our negative characteristics come mostly from the cultural dictates that we are programmed to. That is, we are conditioned by social conformity to be good or bad. This picture argues that it is cultural conditioning that brings about human destructiveness. Good human contends that it is cultural ethnocentrism that is the cause of human self-absorption. So, from this point of view the negative aspects of us are caused by environmental factors that we have become acclimatized to and are corruptive and corrosive of our altruistic biology.  What do you think of the Good Human view, especially compared to the Bad Human view?

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