Bad Human

In a previous post on Praxeology, I presented human conduct as it relates to good human and bad human actions. St. Augustine spoke and wrote of a bad-centered human nature. Bad human denotes aspects of human nature that we often don’t want to discuss or admit. However, to get a fuller and more complete picture of human nature they must be recognized. This view portrays us as self-important creatures who are “full of ourselves.” Bad human suggests we are hotshot, blustering superstar want-to-be creatures. It asks, “What is in for me?” Bad human brings out our more competitive side that focuses on our own agenda. All of us to some degree are arrogant, self-serving, and self-involved. Whether acknowledged or not we all have proclivities towards being self-absorbed and self-preoccupied with our own self-interests and agendas. This self-interest has often led to behaviors that are dehumanizing towards others. It is where the selfish gene predominates, and we instinctively revert to that loci sequence on our genome that is pre-programed for self-survival, unrelenting selfishness, and aggressive tendencies.

We will find a way to survive be it by cruelty, intimidation, theft, or exploitation. A bad human view has a darkside cold heart. I agree with the phrase la bete humaine–> translated as the “beast in man,” or my preferred translation is “the beast within.” It is a worldview saying “it is a cold world!” Bad human includes a predatory wolf side that seeks to use, abuse, and prey on the weaker sheep among us. The wolves and the sheep – does the sheep fight back or roll over and be used? Users exploit another’s weaknesses for their own advantage. Bad human interacts with other people with deceit, double-crossing, and corrosive behaviors. It is the worst of humanity that brings out our malfeasant traits and behaviors. This picture is people taking what is not theirs to take. It can make for a careless-and-merciless world. It includes our prejudicial and discriminatory characteristics. It exhibits our craven, reprobate, and ignoble characteristics. Humans can be acidic creatures with sarcastic, scornful, and biting attitudes. We are capable of malicious, wanton, and diabolical behaviors done with impunity. Bad human has a penchant for defensiveness, lying, and cheating. Bad human can foster a moral turpitude of gross violation, corruption, and at times pure evil.

bad human