Human Dualisms

Human dualisms are about the many many ways we humans can divide ourselves from other people.  Human dualisms invariably lead to inner tension for the Self, and outer tension with others. Tension leads to splits, labeling, duplicity, disharmony, divisions, pseudo-species, and often being out of balance.  Dualisms divide, are dividing, involve dividers, and ends up as division. Much of this duality is false binaries that don’t even exist. Human manufactured fractional forces end up with the upheaval of couples separating, discrimination, and even wars. Human dualism is often a pseudo-speciation concept splitting us into the haves and have nots.  Human duality is an ethnocentric manner to view our world. An ethnocentricism of My culture, My country, My religion, and My values.  Os Guinness said, “dualism is the view that breaks the world into 2 camps: discerning evil in others and denying it in ourselves. Numerous errors stream out in its wake. We deceive ourselves by dividing the world falsely into ‘us’ and ‘them,’ ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ ‘black’ and ‘white’ ‘progressive’ and ‘reactionary.’” (2005) I have give a detailed focus in the Theory of Balanceology and therapy on ways to manage the debilitating forces that divide us  (more in posts to come). The following table gives examples of the endless variety of human dualisms. Some are part of our biology, but most are false binaries that we artificially create.

human dualism chart