Anthropic Principle

Anthropic Principle –  In a recent post I discussed the Anthropocentric Principle that basically placed humans at the center of the Universe.  I postulate that a more logical, reasonable, and realistic understanding of our place in the Universe comes when we accept an anthropic view of mankind. The Anthropic Principle views human beings, and acknowledges humanity as being connected with the Cosmos and all that has ever existed since the Big Bang. It is a view that appreciates that we are nature-made and nature-connected creatures. For George Simpson, “man is part of nature and is kin to all of life.” (1961) Human beings are part of the Animal Kingdom and the Chordata Phylum. We are animals that have evolved to become man the animal, the Mammalian, the homo sapien.  R. W. Sussman stated that, “with the development of the theory of evolution, Darwin put humans in their place with the rest of the animal kingdom, subject to the same laws of nature.” (1997) Charles Darwin maintained that humans are included in the Law of Continuity —-> natura non facit saltum, or nature makes no leap. I postulate and maintain that we have just evolved to be further along scala naturae, or “nature’s ladder.” If we can accept the Anthropic Principle we will come to the realization and appreciation that human beings share with all other earthly creatures a long history of Cosmic and biological origins, but at the same time we will realize that we have been on an evolutionary path where we have indeed become a truly unique species. Julian Huxley stated, “man’s  individual development is potentially open.  It  continues throughout his life, and it can take place in all sorts of directions: while in animals there is only one normal pattern to be realized.” (1964) There are strong critics of the Anthropic Principle.  What do you think?

anthropis principle