Human Energetic Creatures

We are energy-matter creatures. We are energy enclosed in matter just like everything else. There is a huge amount of energy in us. Humans are atoms in motion, but we are also energy in motion. Human energy is continuous with Cosmic energy, and Cosmic energy is continuous with life. “All of life is energy in motion.” (Walsh, 2004) We live in a vibrational energetic Universe that 1.) gives us a common  shared energy, however 2.) each of us has a unique way we express that energy. Mark Twain postulated, “what is a man without energy?  Nothing – nothing at all.” (19th Cent)

I point out that energetics makes us endergonic creatures —> we require energy. As endergonic beings our mind-bodies are constantly transporting, transmitting, and receiving energy. Energetics is about the flow, transition,  and transformation of energy. As human beings there is a huge amount of atomic nuclear energy inside of us. We have a tremendous amount of potential energy within our mind-body. A major question I ask is, “How do we use that energy?” Is our mind-body energy drained away in psychological, emotional, behavioral, medical, and social devolution? Is our mind-body energy wasted away in the lost time of inertia, boredom, and mediocrity? Is our energy used in fighting and battling with other human beings? Is our energy fettered away and shackled by not accepting, trusting, respecting, and working with Nature? Or, is our mind-body energy driven towards psychological, emotional, behavioral, and cultural evolution? Do we use our mind-body energy to satisfy inborn needs, find meaning in life, advance balance, and enhance health?  What do you think?

energetic beings