Human Atomic Creatures

I affirm that human beings are atomic creature!  Just think, we are 99.95% nuclear matter and that makes us atomic beings. We are atoms that have mass and energy, and we are atoms in motion. Our body is a microscopic inner world made up of trillions of atoms. I suggest that these trillions of atoms make our bodies a miniature Universe.The atoms throughout our bodies have endowed us with unbreakable bonds with the natural world. We are made of more atoms than there are Stars in the Universe. I have come to  understand that these atoms are mostly empty space, and that remarkably makes each one of us mainly empty space. Bill Bryson informs us, “trillions of atoms created you,” and “your atoms will shut down silently, disassemble, and go off to be other things.” (2003)  That is, when we die our atoms will spin off and become parts of other animate and inanimate things, and in that sense and that sense alone I suggest is the only way we are eternal beings (in future posts I will go  into detail what happens with us when we die).

atoms and humans